VOKA: 2019 in review

Year: 2019
Client: VOKA
Production: Whojo
Animation: Whojo
Category: Year report

Each year VOKA West Flanders publishes a booklet documenting the company’s achievements of the previous year and its challenges for the future. For 2018, they wanted to do it differently.

VOKA West Flanders contacted us with the question if we could transform the year review into an accessible and stylish video to show at their annual garden party, The biggest challenge here was to refine the extensive number of information in 5 minutes of video.

An efficient use of voice-over and text on screen was needed if we wanted to find the balance between exciting and informative. In the end, the client’s biggest goal was for spectators to be impressed and inspired by VOKA’s achievements of 2018, and here is how we achieved this visually:


To keep the video structured, we had 6 big chapters to work with. Finding a good aesthetic for a title scene was a challenge when creating visuals.  

So the opportunity to work with drone shots had arisen. Each title scene showed a different angle of the VOKA building in Kortrijk, Belgium.

The drone shots were a great visual reference to the different chapters.

VOKA 29 - TITLE 5_00125.jpg