the box

Client: Trayco Cable Support Systems

Whojo was approached by Trayco, a cable management supplier, to create a 3D visualisation for their new product, “The Box”.

Briefed to emphasize the unique qualities of this plug & play system, we explored the visual possibilities within the client’s limits. Staying true to Trayco’s brand guidelines, a step-by-step walkthrough of the product installation was created. Highlighting key features, such as the adjustable plastic installation sleeve, the user-friendly cable lock and the customisable finishing, makes the animation an effective marketing tool.


Post-project, Whojo likes to play around with the previously generated assets. We take the illustrations, project files or 3D models and imagine and draw up another story or style with them. 

For Trayco, we revamped the customisable floor tile inside the cable box to be a retro futuristic display series. Making a grid, switching the boxes in series and adding some vintage graphical elements add to the overall nostalgia in this digital triptych.