Year: 2018
Client: Supernova
Animation: Whojo
Sound Design: Whojo
Category: Event Visuals

Whojo was asked to provide the main event visuals for the Supernova conference. Weaving the story of analogue versus digital into an award show intro proved a challenging task, but through close collaboration between client, director and animators, we created a motion piece to be proud of.

With storytelling as the main priority, we set out to craft an immersive and compelling intro show. Working in close collaboration with sound engineers, producers and directors, we developed a mix between soft, analogue graphics and glitchy, digital visuals, spotlighting the contrast the event itself is all about. With a total of 72 speaker bumpers, 5 screen transitions, 3 event intro’s and a logoloop, the production scope of Supernova was larger than average, but with good planning and a tight schedule we delivered a memorable motion package for the first Supernova festival.