Het Blauwe Park - Parc Bleu

Year: 2019
Client: Eurometropool Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai
Production: Studio Nomad
Animation: Whojo
Category: Online campaign

How do you introduce something as intangible as a European grouping for territorial cooperation? How do you describe the common goal of 14 institutions working together cross-border? For Eurometropool, these were the premises we had to explore and find an answer to.

Together with studio Nomad we brewed an idea into a video by distilling the multi-faceted essence of “Het Blauwe Park / Parc Bleu”, In the spirit of crossing borders and connecting people,the project is made up out of 3 languages at the same time (Dutch, French and English) instead of simply translating the video thrice. Just like the people behind Eurometropool communicate with each other when they meet.

The message had to be clear and quickly understood, but at the same time it couldn’t be boring and of course it had to be visually appealing. Have a look at how we envisioned it below.


The events that het Blauwe Park / Parc Bleu helps organise have divergent content, target audiences, geographical locations and styles.

We united these tropes by creating a distinct style in the promotional video’s we made for them, so the brand can be recognised as playing a part in each of these events. This way it becomes clear that Blauwe Parc / Parc Bleu acts as glue between these events and cities.