Creative Belgium Awards 2019

Year: 2019
Client: Creative Belgium Awards
Production: MirrorMirror
Animation: Whojo
Sound Design: Sonhouse
Category: Event Visuals

As highlight of the evening, the award show for the Creative Belgium Awards deserved some top notch bumpers. With the visual concepts of MirrorMirror and the sounds of Sonhouse we created just that.

Finding the perfect way to put the visuals into motion was imperative. We animated the looking forward, shaping the future, and looking forward at what the future shapes. This can be unknown and vague, but at the same time radiant and hopeful.


Prior to the event, a series of teasers with bold messages were rolled out on social media. It was of the utmost importance in this campaign that the motion was an extension of the visual style. Searching for the right way to craft these animations and experimenting with different techniques led to some interesting results.